of enterprises are under “incredible pressure” to accelerate digital transformation


The average company only meets 41% of their digital KPI’s


of enterprises reported that their digital tools didn’t meet expectations


of enterprises say a one-size-fits-all approach to training is no longer fit for purpose

Digital Adoption, the key to transformational success

60%* of decision makers are concerned about whether digital projects will provide the expected ROI because end users aren’t adopting the technology and new ways of working, are you one of them?

Despite investment, time, planning and good intentions, failed digital adoption can have dire consequences:

  1. Wasted resources
  2. Creation of inefficiencies
  3. Security risks
  4. Potential loss of data
  5. Negative impacts on morale and staff retention

These effects can often be felt far and wide, impacting the bottom line as well as your culture.

We know that more than half of organisations don’t have a strategy or clear KPIs when it comes to digital adoption. Nine Feet Tall’s maturity model and digital adoption assessment are designed to put you back in control, providing clarity on the current state as well as support in setting, reporting and reaching your targets. Our assessment uses data points from both systems and users to enable measurable metrics and prioritise initiatives which increase engagement, efficiencies, and impact.

Find out more about digital adaption and our complete guide.

*Source: https://www.walkme.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/WalkMe-state-of-digital-adoption-2022.pdf

ERP Implementation

Planning, delivering and merging your ERP system efficiently into your business model and processes

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Shape and Deliver Your CRM Strategy

Choosing the right CRM system, implementing the system correctly, and ensuring full adoption among users

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Nine Feet Tall helped us at critical time when resources were stretched and composure essential. Their ability to take complex situations and bring clarity to them was a real asset at a crucial time.

Donna Baddely, Executive Director Curo
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