How can a leopard change it spots?

Leading change in a volatile world.

Having the ability to adapt quickly can be what makes or breaks your business critical project.


Deconstruction for Law firms – Re-imagining the Workings of Your Firm

We will be exploring the what, when, who and how work will be done in the future.


Navigating Adversity

Top tips to minimise disruption to your major projects

Having the ability to adapt quickly can be what makes or breaks your business critical project.


3 Steps To Deliver Your Project Benefits Faster

Amazon Prime for projects…how can you meet customer expectations and deliver faster?


Change management…
Top things every leader should know

70% of all change projects fail to deliver forecasted benefits, but why is this and how can you make sure your project is a success?


The Art of the Possible…
Steps to Successful Innovation

How can you meaningfully approach innovation and deliver real benefits to your business and your clients/customers?

Leveraging Existing Technology

Is it the tools you have or how you use them? Having the right technology stack allows small and...

Nine Secrets To Scaling Agile

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CRM Implementation Planner

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Nine Steps To CRM Technology Selection

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The Secrets to a Successful ERP Implementation

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9 Tips For Your Innovation Strategy

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Nine Feet Tall's book Innovation the art of seizing the possible, with an orange cover and a lightbulb icon.

Innovation: Seizing The Art of the Possible

How to take ideas and make them happen. With input from top businesses including GSK, Virgin Media, Co-Op and...

Strategies for Improving Business Operations

Operational efficiency isn’t just about cutting costs. Download our free guide to find out how you can optimise your...

Pitfalls to avoid when implementing deconstruction

Deconstruction is all about re-imagining what, how, when and where work is delivered. Here we cover the common pitfalls...