Keeping people at the heart whilst accelerating change and efficiency in the Third Sector.

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We work with charities, social enterprises and membership and chartered bodies to design solutions with implementation in mind, so change can be delivered rapidly and successfully. Our focus is on achieving real results for our clients, making them more impactful, agile and competitive.

How we can help:

Embed your strategy – If you know what you want to achieve but don’t know how to get there, we will have your back. We work as your trusted advisor to help shape and make your transformation strategy a reality. 

Create a clear line of sight – Sometimes identifying the quick wins can help get a transformation off the ground. We support you to review and prioritise your change initiatives, aligning to your strategy and ensuring they will deliver clear outcomes and the required behavioural changes. 

Review your organisation design and operating model – Helping you to select the right design and operating model that sets your organisation up for success and makes the best use of your resources. We can also support transition and implementation if required. 

Service Design and Product reviews – Is your product and service mix fit for the future?  Using Design Thinking principles, we can support your teams to undertake a review and ensure you optimise customer experience opportunities. 

Breathe new life into challenging projects – Your strategy may be full of initiatives but lack a project delivery plan. We can help you determine what is needed for your strategy to succeed. We will also rescue tricky, complex, stagnating or failing projects with a cost-efficient and flexible resource model to increase capability when your permanent teams are stretched.  

Embrace technology and digital transformation – You may know that you need digital solutions, but not know which. We can guide you through the selection and implementation of technology so that you become more efficient, more agile and are set up to get better results. We will also make sure your end users adopt the technology to deliver value for your organisation.  

Establish the best ways of working– If you’re experiencing cultural challenges with ways of working​ or a lack of common sense of purpose between front line team & ops team, we can build collaboration and cohesion. We can help with recruitment, retention, training, leadership and strategies to engage your staff and volunteers. 

Our work with Nine Feet Tall is a perfect example of partnership. By bringing experience and drive they helped shape the PMO team to deliver real value and sustainable improvements to our business.

John Nixon Finance Director, Remploy

Why Choose Us

Choose us as your preferred partner in third-sector management consulting. Our seasoned team blends expertise with a robust consultant management system, providing tailored solutions for your unique challenges. With a track record of success, we understand the intricacies of the third sector. We prioritise your organizational goals, delivering practical and impactful outcomes.

Trust us for a collaborative approach that enhances your efficiency, agility, and overall competitiveness. At Nine Feet Tall, we go beyond consultancy – we become your dedicated ally in navigating the complexities of the third sector, ensuring lasting positive change and sustained growth.

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Third Sector Frequently Asked Questions

Why would not for profit organisations need consultancy advice?

In the realm of non-profit organisations, our profound experience reveals a vibrant community of talented and passionate individuals who ardently embrace change. However, the challenge lies in stretched resources, making change implementation amidst daily operations a daunting task.

This is where our expertise in management consulting becomes invaluable. We recognise that managing change alongside daily operations is a delicate balance, and our consultant management system is designed to de-risk programs, ensuring seamless service delivery during transitions. Choosing a business management consultant can be a leap of faith, but our sector-specific track record instils trust. Rest assured; your desired change is in safe hands with us.

How can third sector organisations drive operational efficiencies?

In the third sector, every penny and moment are precious amidst economic storms and operational challenges. Recognising the need for efficiency, whether through a new operating model, partnerships, or digital solutions, our management consultancy expertise shines. We collaborate to identify quick wins and long-term savings, defining and driving efficiency metrics. With our business management consultants, tangible cost savings in time and headcount are transparent.

Working seamlessly with Nine Feet Tall ensures effective implementation of new processes, minimising operational disruptions. We expertly manage changes, monitor benefits, and help you achieve your goals, maximising operational efficiency across your organisation with our consultant management system.

What is a digital transformation strategy?

A digital transformation strategy is a detailed plan for achieving your organisation’s desired transformation outcomes. You might have lots of initiatives for improving operations or customer experience, a strategy will put them into a deliverable plan. We know from experience that digital transformation is never just about technology, but actually affects all areas of your organisation’s canvas including people, ways of working, process and public perception. Nine Feet Tall can work with you to create this actionable delivery plan to transform your organisation 

How will we work with you?

We engage in collaborative management consulting to empower you and your team in delivering impactful results. At Nine Feet Tall, we recognise that co-design is paramount, ensuring active engagement with key areas of your organisation. Our business management consultants work alongside you, making sure to bring everyone on the journey towards success.

This approach, coupled with our effective consultant management system, enhances the synergy between our expertise and your organisational goals, fostering a collaborative environment that maximises the potential for positive outcomes in every facet of your operations.

Do Nine Feet Tall offer delivery or assurance?

We do both! If you need us to design, set up or deliver your project or programme we can provide the expertise you need to ensure your desired outcomes are achieved. If you have projects in flight already, we can risk assess and provide assurance on what you need to make it a success.  

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