Getting maximum value from change in Housing.

Nine Feet Tall can help you define the right future operating model for your housing organisation. We have over 17 years of experience in providing expert consultancy advice and delivery services to many of the top UK housing providers and house projects. Our team has worked on numerous housing solutions and strategies, supporting clients to accelerate delivery, realize benefits faster, and make change stick. Our focus is on achieving real results for our clients, making them more profitable, agile, and competitive in the housing market. Whether you’re looking to optimise your assets, streamline your operations, or enhance your customer experience, Nine Feet Tall can provide tailored guidance and support as a housing consultant and housing consultancy.

How we can help:

• Portfolio Prioritisation: With so many different targets to hit and limited resources, focus need to be on high impact items. How do you prioritse and sequence your portfolio to deliver maximum value.

• Data Strategy and Management: Ensuring completeness and accuracy of customer and asset data by creating a single source and ensuring the right processes and ways of working are in place to use the power of data.

• Change Management: Modernisation and improvement through changing ways of working, behaviours and organisational culture. Creating high performing teams and building change capability to deliver the vast portfolio of change.

• Post M&A Integration: M&A activity can cause disruption and reduce productivity. We can help manage the change and make sure the culture and strategy are aligned to deliver the post-merger vision.

Nine Feet Tall helped us at critical time when resources were stretched and composure essential. Their ability to take complex situations and bring clarity to them was a real asset at a crucial time.

Donna Baddely Executive Director, Curo

Why Choose Us

Selecting us means gaining access to unparalleled expertise in housing solutions. Our seasoned team brings over 17 years of hands-on experience, specialising in house projects and housing strategies. As your dedicated housing consultant, we offer tailored consultancy services focused on your unique housing projects.

Our consultancy is a trusted partner for housing providers, ensuring effective delivery and implementation of housing solutions. With a laser focus on your housing project’s success, we accelerate delivery timelines, optimise benefits, and embed lasting change. Choose our housing consultancy to drive your projects forward, ensuring agility, profitability, and a competitive edge in the ever-evolving housing landscape.

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