DAS Law protects individuals and businesses from the impact of legal disputes through affordable and high-quality access to justice. Employing more than 200 people, with locations in central Bristol and South Wales, they provide legal advice and support across a wide spectrum of issues including Personal Injury.


Process Redesign

The introduction of the Whiplash Injury Regulations 2021 on 31st May 2021 meant costs would no longer be covered for legal representation. Instead, the Motor Insurance Bureau set up a self service portal for individuals to process their claim themselves. In order to support clients making claims through the new process, DAS Law needed to redesign their CMS workflows to mirror the new process and integrate with the portal. The development needed to be synchronised to the MIB portal and completed ahead of the regulation changes.

Project Delivery

DAS engaged Nine Feet Tall to complete a Requirements Capture and Process Redesign of DAS’s claims procedures. Nine Feet Tall then went on to project manage the development and successful delivery of the new system. Working closely with the in-house development team at DAS, Nine Feet Tall's team used Agile methodology to make sure the project was delivered on time. This meant using a Minimum Viable Project approach, to iteratively develop the solution. The rollout was completed on schedule and training and testing delivered to make sure the integration was a success.


Streamlining DAS’s Workflow to integrate with the MIP Claims Portal enabled DAS to continue to support clients claiming compensations for injury.