Maximising project value by building adaptability and agility to ensure future success in the construction industry.

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Providing strong assistance and consulting services to carry out a range of projects, Nine Feet Tall has worked closely with well-known construction companies in the UK.  Being top-tier consultants for construction projects, we have experience in many different domains. These include developing IT roadmaps, setting up and executing Project Management Offices (PMOs), and choosing, implementing, or improving large-scale systems like ERPs like SAP and Dynamics 365.

As a leading construction project management consultancy, we also specialise in the integration of Digital Construction Management Systems (DCMS) and Workforce Management systems. We do more than just upgrade systems; we help teams make radical changes in their working methods, encouraging the use of Lean Construction and Continuous Improvement projects. This all-inclusive strategy enables construction companies to adopt new technologies while also revolutionising existing operational frameworks, increasing productivity and promoting long-term industry development.

Count on us to be your trustworthy construction project consultants for building project management advice right now.

 How we can help: 

  • Work as your trusted advisor to translate your strategy into an executable programme of work 
  • Undertake process efficiency work to streamline your operations and build a culture of continuous improvement 
  • Review your change portfolio and provide the desired level of control and transparency 
  • Accelerate project delivery, offering a flexible resource model to increase your bench strength when your project teams are stretched 
  • Manage the people and process changes involved in rolling out new systems and ways of working to deliver a smooth transition, get better adoption and a real return on investment. 

Maximising project value is at the core of our approach as construction project consultants. We specialise in optimising every facet of construction endeavours, ensuring that each project maximises its potential value. From inception to delivery, our team of construction project consultants employs strategic insights and industry-leading practices to streamline processes, enhance efficiencies, and mitigate risks.

We delve into every detail, analysing workflows, leveraging technology, and implementing best-in-class methodologies to elevate project outcomes. Our tailored solutions focus on driving value at every stage, from cost-effective planning and resource allocation to meticulous project management and innovative problem-solving. By aligning with our clients’ objectives and leveraging our expertise, we ensure that each construction project not only meets but exceeds expectations, delivering enduring value and fostering long-term success.

Nine Feet Tall were a great asset to our team. Their ability to quickly understand what we needed was invaluable.

Helen Sharpless Finance Director, Laing O'Rourke

Why Choose Us

Choose us for our unwavering commitment to excellence in construction project consultancy. We bring a wealth of experience, driving transformative change and delivering tangible results. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your unique needs, providing tailored solutions that optimise efficiency, minimise risks, and maximise value.

With a focus on innovation and industry-leading practices, we navigate complexities, leveraging cutting-edge technology and methodologies. Our collaborative approach ensures transparent communication and a steadfast commitment to achieving your project goals. Trust us to be your partners in success, guiding your construction endeavours towards sustainable growth and unparalleled success.

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Construction Project Consulting FAQs

Who Is a Construction Consultant?

A construction consultant is a seasoned professional versed in optimising construction projects. They offer strategic guidance, leveraging expertise to streamline processes, mitigate risks, and enhance overall project outcomes. With a deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies, they provide tailored solutions, integrating innovative technologies and methodologies.

Their role involves advising on project management, implementing efficiencies, and fostering innovation, ensuring projects meet or exceed expectations. A construction consultant serves as a proactive partner, dedicated to driving value, efficiency, and success across all phases of construction endeavours.

What Do Construction Consultants Do?

Construction consultants are pivotal in optimising construction projects. They specialise in strategic planning, project management, and implementation of innovative solutions. Their role involves streamlining workflows, enhancing efficiency, and reducing risks throughout project lifecycles.

They provide guidance on technology integration, workforce optimisation, and process improvement, fostering innovation within construction practices. These consultants facilitate the adoption of industry best practices, ensuring projects meet objectives while maximizing value and minimizing disruptions. With a focus on efficiency and innovation, construction consultants drive sustainable growth and success within the construction sector.

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