Victrex is a British based supplier of high-performance polymers serving more than 40 different countries. On a mission to help customers overcome complex design and engineering challenges, Victrex identified the importance of digitalisation and centralisation of their customer journey and communications processes. Nine Feet Tall were brought on board to setup, manage and deliver this digitalisation of communications globally across the UK, Europe, the USA and Asia.

Project Scoping

An initial assessment phase conducted by Nine Feet Tall consultants identified and reported on the impact of change at each site as well as a training needs analysis. The aim of the assessment phase was to highlight current communication processes and the impact that digitalisation would have on the customer journey. Alongside this, resource planning for internal training was completed such that Victrex employees would be able to successfully navigate their new digital communications processes.

Nine Feet Tall set out to improve consistency when customers contacted Victrex by creating a central hub from which users were linked with the correct function first time relevant to their enquiry. Planning would roll out across the UK, before later conducting this assessment phase globally.


Automation resulted in improved customer experience, consistent communications, and importantly time saved through this digitalisation process. Not only were positive results achieved in the customer journey but also internally where Victrex employees were able to utilise the new central hub for effective and faster internal communications. Rigorous testing prior to roll out, alongside succinct employee training programmes, ensured a successful and seamless transition into a new digital way of working for Victrex.


Improved user experience and internal communications achieved across four continents, eight Victrex sites and delivery to over 2,000 employees globally.

Victrex Sites


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