The Role

As a successful ‘9Starter’ you will bring a genuine thirst for knowledge across all the working opportunities and sectors we offer. It’s an environment where we look for passion and enthusiasm first. You’ll quickly learn that making mistakes is all part of the journey and you’ll build the resilience and confidence to learn from them and constantly develop your approach. You will be welcomed into the 9Start programme with a clear structure and development plan, but you’re encouraged to make the experience your own and immerse yourself in projects that excite you! Early in your 9Start journey, you’ll pick up your first internal projects, whether it’s helping with the planning of our famous company away days, taking advantage of some of the charitable work we do with Jessie May or even getting involved in marketing initiatives – there’ll be multiple ways in which you can contribute to our culture and success.

9Start Journey

Deliver Programmes


  • Spark Programme
  • 9Start Fridays
  • High Impact Practice Sessions
  • Internal Modules
    • Business Analysis
    • PMO
    • Project Management
    • Change Management
  • Knowledge sharing
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Client Placements

  • Variety of sectors and
    service offerings
  • 4+ clients across two
  • Work alongside senior
  • Workshop skill development
  • Mentor support

Internal Projects

  • Shaping internal strategy:
    • Learning & Development
    • Wellbeing
    • Volunteering
    • Process design
  • Business development
  • Championing 9FT culture
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Self-led learning

  • Growth plan
  • Development priorities
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Online training platforms
  • Seminar research and
  • 20 paid Learning & Development days

The 9Start programme exists to accelerate the careers of talented and passionate individuals into multiskilled and high-performing consultants, through excellent training, development, mentor support and varied client experiences

Esther McMorris Founder & Chief Executive

9Start Voices

Helena Lewis

Principal Consultant

Meet the team- Helena Lewis

Being a lucky member of the alumni 9Starters has allowed me to accelerate my career in consulting, gain insight in to multiple different roles and sectors within change and helped me build the best relationships. Nine Feet Tall has allowed me to not only be involved in client work but also encouraged me to contribute towards a number of key internal initiatives – it’s always fun to feel like you’re a consultant in your own company, particularly one that genuinely values continuous improvement.

Ben Crowe

Senior Consultant

A masculine person with brown hair and a light beard, wearing a deep blue shirt.

Without a doubt, the supportive structure of the 9Start programme has been crucial in my career development. It has given me countless opportunities to develop my consultancy skills, through in the field client work, one-to-one mentoring sessions and a range of formal and informal training. Being surrounded by other consultants starting out in the industry too has been invaluable, nothing beats peer learning and having a space to discuss challenges and opportunities to hone your knowledge and skills.

Aleksandra Goudie

Principal Consultant

Meet the team- Aleks Goudie

Looking back at my time on the 9Start programme, it’s great to be able to reflect on the development opportunities that have come my way. The 9Start programme provided me with extensive training, skill improvement and market-leading client experience across four sectors. Having a fun and supportive team around you is always a big plus! Over the course of 2 years, I was able to navigate and understand my preferred service offerings and have continued to develop this service expertise as a Senior Consultant.


  • Do I need to be a graduate to apply?

    No – you don’t have to hold a degree to apply to become a 9Start Consultant. 9Start is a development programme, so we’re keen to hear from candidates from a range of backgrounds looking to develop into a business consultant.

  • What prior experience is useful for the role?

    The programme is designed to develop your skills and knowledge as you progress, so there’s no fixed criteria about the jobs or study you need to have done before. We will nurture your potential, what’s more important is your passion and your attitude. We are looking for good communicators, the ability to form great professional relationships, the confidence to adapt to new situations and an organised approach.

  • What is the recruitment process?

    We’ll need you to complete an application online by submitting a CV and answering a series of video questions too. If you’re successful at the application stage, then you’ll be invited to complete an interview where we’ll find out more about you and the way you work by asking competency based questions. The interview is also your chance to ask us questions and find out why Nine Feet Tall is a great place to work! The next stage of the process is a final stage interview, where you’ll also be asked to complete a presentation exercise.

  • I've never done a video application before - how do I approach it?

    Hopefully you’ll enjoy recording your videos – think of them as your opportunity to bring your CV to life and the chance to show your personality by talking us through your experience in your own style. The video gives us an opportunity to get to know you a little bit before the interview process.

    Before recording have a think about each question and plan the main skill, achievement or experience you want to get across. You might want to practise your answer before recording, to make sure you’re happy and that you can complete the response in the time allocated. The STAR method – Situation, Task, Action and Result – is a helpful way to organise your thoughts and prepare concise examples of your past experience. Also, don’t forget that if you’re not happy with your first attempt or if you run out of time, you can have another go and re-record a video.

    When considering your application we’ll be looking at both your video response and your CV. We’re excited to learn more about you!

  • What will I be doing when I start?

    We’ll give you lots of information as part of your welcome so you know what the induction process looks like, as well as the core plan for your two year programme. Your first two weeks will be a mixture of induction activities: introductions, overviews of consulting principles, training sessions and social events too so that you have time with your fellow 9Starters and the wider Nine Feet Tall team.

    The 9Start programme is very much about learning whilst doing, so you can expect early introductions to client accounts too.

  • What training is available to support my development?

    As a 9Start Consultant you’ll benefit from a mixture of externally facilitated and internal training, with 20 dedicated training days each year. The internal training will support your development across our service offerings and you’ll tap into the team’s wealth of knowledge as you learn Nine Feet Tall’s ways of working. This training is complemented by external sessions in which you’ll build and finesse the softer skills of consultancy. What’s more, you will have the opportunity to obtain an accredited qualification in each year of the programme.

  • How will we be supported on clients?

    There is a framework of support to make sure that you have the help you need when working on client engagements. There’s the Account Lead who’s responsible for managing the client account and providing senior oversight. You will have a Mentor assigned to you too – this will be a more experienced Consultant who will advise, support and guide you in your Nine Feet Tall career. Also, you’ll be paired with a 9Start Buddy, someone who’s familiar with the programme too and is there to provide any informal help you need to get settled in and orientated.

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