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  • Top Tip #1 Adopt And Not Adapt

    Bespoking an ERP system can be problematic. Don't try to replicate exactly what you already have.

  • Top Tip #2 It's a Marathon and Not a Sprint

    ERP Systems can take years to implement. Make sure you are planning to build awareness and knowledge of your new ERP system incrementally from the outset.

  • Top Tip #3 Change From Within

    When implementing a new ERP System change needs to be led from within. When the project finishes the business will have to live with the new system

  • Top Tip #4 Love Your Data

    Don’t underestimate the importance of data. The success of an ERP implementation will rely on data integrity. Bad data in means bad data out.

  • Top Tip #5 A Day In The Life

    You can't just test a new ERP system in isolation and expect the business to operate smoothly on day one. ERP systems drive value through fully integrating - for example purchasing, warehouse, sales, logistics, and finance. So with that in mind, create integrated testing scenarios that stitch together departmental processes.

  • Top Tip #6 Your Super Users Need to Stay Super

    Implementing an ERP System doesn't finish at Go-Live. Having a long-term product management approach that continues to utilise the knowledge and experience of the Super Users is critical to maintaining business engagement, delivering an effective pipeline of future change.

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