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We initially engaged with Nine Feet Tall to discuss our approach to innovation in an initial workshop.  After that first experience, we decided to engage them to help develop and mature our thinking and approach.  Roll forward 3 years and we now have a flourishing innovation programme which is able to consistently deliver projects and our team are really inspired and engaged. We have continued to draw on the expertise and advice of Nine Feet Tall throughout our journey.

Damien Behan Innovation & Technology Director, Brodies LLP
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How we work with you

Our Innovation Solutions 

Effective innovation means not doing innovation for innovation sake, but developing an innovation strategy with clear obvjectives. Nine Feet Tall can provide innovation solutions whatever stage your innovation maturity. We have a unique model to measure innovation maturity and we will work closely with you to build capability and collaboration into your culture, allowing for effective longterm innovation management. 

 We have a tried and tested methodology for setting up innovation hubs that enables you to capture ideas and prioritise investment in innovative solutions. We help develop awareness, provide training and create a real momentum to deliver and ultimately build innovation into your organisation’s DNA.  

We work collaboratively with you to design a bespoke innovation process which works for your organisation to unlock growth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need an innovation strategy?

Your innovation strategy will help you design a system to match your specific competitive needs and to become a market leader. Priorities will clash, even with a business strategy. An innovation stragegy allows you to unlock future potential and identify growth areas to deliver against business objectives.  

How do you implement an innovation strategy?

An innovation strategy won’t work in isolation. Your business needs to embrace a culture of innovation and give teams the time and space needed to design and implement creative ideas. Creating this culture must come before the implementation of a strategy.   

From here you can identify innovation opportunities through scoping, develop an action plan and create an innovation process to make it happen. 

How does innovation contribute to success?

Business is never stagnant and times are more uncertain than ever. According to McKinsey, 80% of executives think their current business models are at risk to be disrupted in the near future. Standing still and not allowing the implementation of creative ideas means you risk missing out.  

 With the right culture, capability and innovation strategy, you can differetiate your business from your competitors and deliver more value to customers 

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