Addressing the human side of landing projects well and making change stick

We needed real change expert to help us shape, run and embed the “Aon No Limits” change programme. Nine Feet Tall was the perfect partner, as they not only managed to engage and energise the audience, they also understood the subject matter and brought a deep knowledge of change management.

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How we work with you

Our people are humans, not corporate robots. We understand the need to win over hearts and minds. Our expert team of change management consultants know that change is driven by people, and we are here to help you implement change by putting people first. 

How? By envisioning change as a constant learning process that helps your organisation grow. You wouldn’t plant a seed one morning and expect a flower to be there the next. In the same way, complex change is not all about achieving one set goal. Successful change is created and shaped through listening and learning. 

Through this we guarantee your people become engaged and committed to making it a success. Our clients enjoy a positive experience as their organisation transforms and their strategies are implemented.

Change management consulting: FAQs

  • What is change management?

    Change management is a process of managing the change that occurs in an organisation. It involves identifying and understanding the needs, concerns, expectations, and desires of all stakeholders involved with the change, as well as their roles within the organisation. The goal is to ensure that the new way of doing things will be accepted by everyone, and that it will work effectively for them. 

  • What are the benefits of change management?

    • Increased efficiency 

    When an organisation implements a change, it usually results in increased productivity. This is because it allows workers to be included in the process and have a clear understanding of the expectations on them.  

    • Improved quality control 

    Quality control refers to ensuring that products or services satisfy customers’ requirements. Good quality control ensures that all aspects of a product or service are consistent and reliable. 

    • Reduced risk 

    Risk reduction is achieved when an organisation takes measures to prevent future problems from occurring. This is especially important for large-scale projects such as mergers and acquisitions. 

    • Reduced costs 

    Organisations that implement a change management strategy reduce costs. This is because they have fewer problems and don’t waste resources. 

    • Reduced legal liabilities 

    If an organisation fails to manage a change properly, it can face legal liability. This means that it risks losing money or even being sued. With change management, these legal risks are avoided. 

    • Improved customer satisfaction 

    Customers often complain about poor customer service. However, this can be avoided if an organisation provides excellent customer service. An effective change management strategy will allow an organisation to provide better customer service. 

    • Improved employee satisfaction 

    Change can be scary and overwhelming, particularly for your employees. Change management ensures that your people are put first, listened to, and trained according to the new systems of your organisation. 

  • What do change management consultants do?

    Change management consultants create, implement, and manage successful changes that drive business growth and success. We help you to enact successful company-wide change smoothly, efficiently and with your people at the heart of the process. Build capability and share our thinking, enabling organisations to drive change from within.

    We can drive the change you need to stay ahead of the curve – ask us how. 

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