TRUe Alliance

The Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU) is a multi-billion-pound, transformative, long-term railway infrastructure programme that looks to improve connectivity in the North. The programme aims to support economic growth in the North and deliver real benefits for passengers and communities along such a pivotal rail artery.

Project Context

TRUe Alliance understood that to achieve their vision they would need to put a focus on upgrading their systems and processes to better support their requirements. This meant a shift towards a more digital setup in an effort to improve processes and reduce inefficiencies. Historic processes such as manual data entry, paper documentation and data management were highlighted as areas which could be streamlined to free up time and provide better vision at a programme level. Nine Feet Tall were brought on board to detail out recommendations and manage the digitalisation and process improvement projects outlined by TRUe Alliance. As such, Nine Feet Tall undertook multiple projects existing within the TRUe Alliance digitalisation vision.

Project Delivery

Nine Feet Tall were initially brought on board in a Business Analysis capacity with an aim to understand current processes and highlight inefficiencies which could be improved. Through stakeholder interviews, workshops and document reviews Nine Feet Tall found that existing processes around data management were both manual and time consuming. Nine Feet Tall then worked with TRUe Alliance to elicit and validate their requirements such that a new process could be envisaged for development, bringing in new technologies and systems that would reduce time wasted and break down inefficiencies.

Using the information acquired through the validation phase vendor research was undertaken and fed back to the TRUe Alliance team, a selection of suppliers and systems that would meet the needs and requirements of TRUe Alliance and their railway infrastructure programme. Further to reporting back vendor research and various options to the team, Nine Feet Tall presented a set of wider value-added recommendations to the senior management and leadership teams that would further build on streamlining their processes for a more efficient output of activities and deliverables.

As an example, site operations were being logged through paper documentation and inputted into a legacy system. This caused operational inefficiencies, poor data quality, difficulty accessing data and data retrieval. Nine Feet Tall recommended Asite for creating forms and reporting, a system that fit the needs of the TRUe Alliance team. Process flows were developed along with training for the new system ensuring equal database access and retrieval for all Alliance partners. The result, more accurate progress reporting and site diary data.


TRUe Alliance were now equipped with a succinct and detailed set of recommendations and options for their digitalisation vision. Following the Asite implementation it was recorded that 48hrs were saved per week for the operations team, an annual saving of £124,800. From reducing the amount of paper being used 1,129 pages of printing were saved per week, an annual carbon saving of 1.225TCO2e. Clearly, processes have been streamlined and the team now had the knowledge and the experience to elicit change on future projects crucial to the success of the Transpennine Route Upgrade programme.