PMO: Presenting a clear, accurate and real-time position on Project, Programme and Portfolio Health

Our work with Nine Feet Tall is a perfect example of partnership. By bringing experience and drive they helped shape the PMO team to deliver real value and sustainable improvements to our business.

John Nixon, Finance Director Remploy

How we work with you

We infuse profound PMO consultant knowledge, along with a human touch. Fostering project and benefits delivery and enhancing project capability. Our Nine Feet Tall specialists will seamlessly integrate into your team. Both our PMO consulting and PMOaaS packages prioritise a human-centered approach to propel your project forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PMO?

A PMO, or Project Management Office, does exactly what it says on the tin: it provides your business with the support you need to deliver your projects quickly and efficiently, adhering to set procedures to deliver a predetermined amount of work within agreed timescales and costs. 

What does a PMO do?

The job of PMOs can be summed up in four easy words:  





First things first, the PMO will define both the projects at hand and the methods that need to be implemented in order to deliver the desired results. Project objectives and outcomes will then be clearly defined in line with the goals of the business, which enables the PMO to maintain control of the project. 

 The PMO will then measure the progress towards these targets using quantitative measures like KPIs and metrics. Finally, as the project progresses and discipline improves continually, the PMO will identify incremental changes that can be made in order to optimise project performance. 

What are the benefits of a PMO?

Enlisting the help of a PMO can provide you with…
• A Birds Eye view of your project – lots of eyes, everywhere
• Ongoing risk assessment that works faster and better
• A clearer understanding of your project’s timescales and budgets
• Ability to manage prioritisation and sequencing
• Optimise resources
• Long-term tracking and monitoring of progress and success
• Reduced pressure, stress, and responsibility on your shoulders
• A better grasp of project management overall
• A much higher chance of your projects being successful

In their offer of support in the initial construction and delivery of a project, as well as during the ongoing tracking and monitoring of the project’s progress, a PMO can oversee projects from start to finish. This allows for quicker identifications of any risks, whilst at the same time granting you a clearer understanding of project timescales and budgets.
Combine all these things and you have a much greater scope of overall project control. Plus, having a specialist PMO team means less pressure on you, and a much higher chance of your project being successful.

How to Set-Up a PMO?

In establishing a PMO, expert guidance from a seasoned PMO consultant is crucial. Begin by defining your organisation’s specific needs and goals, then engage in comprehensive PMO consulting sessions to tailor a strategy that aligns perfectly. Our experienced PMO consultants will lead you through the process, ensuring seamless integration with your existing teams. Leverage their expertise to implement best practices and drive project excellence. With Nine Feet Tall, setting up a PMO becomes a collaborative journey, centered around your unique business objectives.

What is PMO in Project Management?

A PMO, or Project Management Office, is a pivotal entity in the realm of project management. It serves as the nerve center, orchestrating the coordination, governance, and delivery of projects within an organisation. A proficient PMO consultant plays a critical role in its success. They bring expert PMO consulting insights, guiding businesses in setting up, refining, and optimising their PMO functions. With Nine Feet Tall’s seasoned PMO consultants, your organisation gains a strategic partner committed to enhancing project efficiency and driving tangible business outcomes

How to Implement a PMO?

Implementing a PMO with precision demands the expertise of a seasoned PMO consultant. Begin by assessing your organisation’s unique needs and objectives, then engage in tailored PMO consulting sessions. Our adept PMO consultants at Nine Feet Tall guide you through the process, ensuring seamless integration with your existing teams. They bring a wealth of experience to help you implement best practices, driving project excellence and organisational efficiency. With our collaborative approach, setting up a PMO becomes a strategic endeavor, designed to align with your business goals.

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