Rapid delivery of change in retail with customer experience at the heart.


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How we can help:  

  • Provide assurance on your change programme through a rapid health check. We will de–risk your plan, playing an active role on your transformation board and guiding your leaders through the change.  
  • Review your project portfolio and prioritise the initiatives that really matter to ensure quick ROI.  
  • Design, set up and deliver your digital transformation programme to ensure adoption and realise benefits and outcomes. You may be investing in a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system or CRM (Customer Relationship Management).     
  • Map and optimise your customer journey to enhance the customer experience and deliver value from all touch points.  
  • Accelerate project delivery & recover stagnating projects. 
  • Build capability in your team and ensure your teams are fit for purpose to gear them up to deliver future change programmes themselves.  
  • Support you to set up or optimise your PMO (Project/Programme/Portfolio Office) so you have full control and visibility of your portfolio, programme and projects.  
  • Review your operating model to make sure you have the right organisation design and systems structure to deliver your vision and strategy. 

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The amount of challenges were actually quite small, given the scale and complexity of the project - which reinforces the great work that Nine Feet Tall and the team have done during the project and in preparation of the go-live. Well done to you and the team and our partners around us.

Pieter Coetzee DANiS Regional Director UKIE, Danone Nutricia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs that organisations should consider digital transformation?

The trigger depends on your strategy, vision and objectives for success. For some organisations there may be an imminent need to reduce costs and drive efficiencies or a need to expand teams for innovation. For others your current technology is not meeting the demands of the customer or enabling omnichannel sales. You might be losing out to competitors and need to address CX and service design. Other organisations transform due to a pressing need for cultural change, due to organisational redesign. 

What does successful transformation look like?

We believe that identifying benefits at the start of any programme is an integral part of the design. Scoping the vision should be done early on and metrics should be set up to make sure the outcomes and benefits are measured. At Nine Feet Tall, we design solutions with implementation in mind, so you can have confidence the benefits are realistic and achievable.  

What are the biggest barriers to successful change delivery in retail?

Resistance to change is problematic across most sectors. In fact, 75% of businesses struggle to land transformation programmes effectively because they underestimate the impact of change and don’t have a change management strategy. Having a clear purpose and winning the hearts and minds of your people helps maintain a positive culture and can aid successful digital adoption