St Peter’s Hospice

St Peter’s Hospice is a local charity that provides care and support to adults who are living with a progressive life-limiting illness in the Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset area. They have been established for over 40 years with the majority of their support provided in people’s homes.

Project Context

St. Peter’s Hospice faced significant challenges with their outdated CRM system, which hindered their ability to integrate with modern applications and compromised data quality. Looking to assess the suitability of their current CRM, and recognising the need for change after nearly three decades of use, they engaged Nine Feet Tall to lead a comprehensive review and overhaul of their CRM provision to support them in choosing a new system that would meet their needs.

Project Delivery

In response to St. Peter’s Hospice’s challenges, Nine Feet Tall embarked on a thorough project delivery process. They began by conducting an independent assessment of the current CRM, gathering insights through user interviews and executive workshops. Nine Feet Tall used the data collected from this phase to outline a Business Case for change, highlighting the problems faced and presenting potential solutions.

With the executive board’s approval to proceed, Nine Feet Tall conducted detailed assessments of current processes and gathered requirements through workshops. Using the gathered data Nine Feet Tall engaged with vendors to deliver estimated costs and timeframes, conduct financial analyses, and ultimately develop a comprehensive business case, securing approval to move forward with procurement.

Throughout a rigorous procurement process for a new CRM system, Nine Feet Tall provided advisory support whilst ensuring fairness and due diligence alongside data driven decisions. Supporting the St Peter’s Hospice Project Manager, Nine Feet Tall provided templates and process guidance to steer St Peter’s Hospice to selecting the most suitable vendor.

Project Outcomes

As a result of the Nine Feet Tall engagement, St Peter’s Hospice have true confidence that they have procured a new CRM solution which will meet their needs, address key business pain points and lead them into a digital future.

Crucially, this project aligns with St. Peter’s Hospice’s fundraising strategy. By improving stewardship and leveraging data-driven approaches, they are better equipped to engage donors and support their mission.

Implementation of the new CRM solution commenced in January 2024, with Nine Feet Tall providing ongoing project assurance. The partnership forged between St. Peter’s Hospice and Nine Feet Tall underscores the importance of collaboration and expertise in driving meaningful change.

From day one Nine Feet Tall brought specialist knowledge and insight across all areas of project and change management. They guided us through initial approval and supported a robust and detailed technology selection process. We’re now into the implementation phase and have retained Nine Feet Tall in a project assurance role which is already proving invaluable.

Sarah Allen-Gunn Director of Fundraising & Communications, St Peter's Hospice