Together for Mental Wellbeing

Together for Mental Wellbeing is the UK's oldest mental health charity. Together works with people on their journey towards better mental wellbeing and independent lives. Support Together here.

Project Scope

Organisational Design is key to connect different business functions, something Together had identified as a slowly growing focus. With an office based central support team and frontline staff running face to face operations, Togethers organisational design was identified as key to achieving their strategic targets and upholding their shared vision. Nine Feet Tall were instructed to manage and support the design process, with an aim to increase communication, collaboration, process efficiency, and reflective practices, whilst providing advisory support throughout.

Project Delivery

Nine Feet Tall facilitated a workshop with the executive team from Together for Mental Wellbeing using Operating Model Canvas (OMC), an assessment tool that looks at the processes they wanted to deliver in the future to achieve maximum value to their customers and service users. This assessment set the foundations for their organisational design by identifying:

  • The technology necessary for them to achieve their goals
  • Suppliers they would need going forwards
  • The people required in their organisation to deliver key processes
  • Location considerations such as office space, following recent changes in ways of working.
Along the way, a list of pain points was also gathered on areas that needed to be improved. With clarity now gained on where they wanted to get to, and key activities identified for achieving this, the organisational design could be detailed in line with Together’s strategic goals. The consultancy team at Nine Feet Tall worked with Together to create clear organisational design principles that complimented their strategy and provided a reference point to ensure the design created set out to solve the pain points identified in the OMC workshop.

Project Outcomes

Together now have a defined set of design principles and a foundation from which they can look to implement this organisational design to achieve their strategic goals and reconnect their people again.