UK Youth

UK Youth is a leading UK charity with a vision that all young people are equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute at every stage of their lives.

Project Context

With an ever-growing network of over 8,000 youth organisations and nation partners, UK Youth identified a need to update their CRM system to keep up with their changing landscape. Normally focussed on change happening in young people through youth work, it was now time to manage the change process occurring within their organisation. Nine Feet Tall were brought on board to help manage this process with an aim to guide their decision making and implementation of a new and up to date CRM solution to enable smoother processes, more effective communications and optimised programme management.

Project Delivery

Nine Feet Tall conducted an initial review of the suitability of UK Youth’s legacy CRM solution. Through gathering requirements and user journeys of their current system, Nine Feet Tall were able to identify their needs, allowing them to better manage the vendor selection process. With this in mind, Nine Feet Tall were able to support them to select a suitable vendor for the new UK Youth CRM solution, D365. Through dedicated project management support, Nine Feet Tall worked with UK Youth to deliver the implementation of this new solution. Throughout this process it was crucial from a project management perspective to communicate and work with key stakeholders at relevant impact points to ensure readiness for change. Following the completion of a thorough testing process UK Youth could now be confident in the roll out of their new CRM solution across the organisation.


Nine Feet Tall successfully delivered and implemented D365 as the new CRM solution for UK Youth. UK Youth now have a fully functioning CRM solution suited to their requirements, allowing them to better manage their projects and communicate effectively.