Blue Cross

Blue Cross is a registered animal welfare charity operating UK wide. Each year Blue Cross helps around 25,000 pets with veterinary services, 4,000 pets to be rehomed, and 14,000 people helped through their pet bereavement support service.

Project Context

With operations spanning UK wide and thousands of individuals reliant on their service, Blue Cross has a very large project portfolio. However, with recent changes they looked to restructure their processes with an aim to allow them to better and more effectively deliver individual projects on a large scale. Specific focus was cast to their team of project leads with an ambition to upskill and develop a high level of project management capability in order to more effectively deliver their vast project portfolio. Nine Feet Tall looked to work with Blue Cross and their team of project leads to collaboratively build capability such that they would be equipped with the right set of skills and tools to deliver future projects more effectively.

Project Delivery

To understand the current project delivery processes Nine Feet Tall engaged the Blue Cross team in a project and process health check. The results of this health check would guide and inform work-on areas, building on current strengths of the team and developing further capability on an individual level. Following the identification of a project management framework specific to Blue Cross, 1:1 mentoring and coaching sessions allowed each member of the project team to gain practical experience using the agreed upon toolkit and framework. This would ensure consistency in capability building and for future project delivery. The goal, to empower each member of the Blue Cross team with the capability and confidence to run and deliver successful projects in the future. Nine Feet Tall then combined this approach with a wider focus on overall programme and resource management for 2023. Through a prioritisation workshop delivered to the key Blue Cross stakeholders Nine Feet Tall identified key projects for delivery in 2023, setting out a plan for resource, timescales and budget necessary for the successful delivery of their 2023 programme.

Project Outcomes

Blue Cross now have clarity of vision of their 2023 programme and portfolio of projects, with a clear understanding of the relevant budget, resource and timescales needed for successful delivery. Couple this with a fully upskilled team of project leads, Blue Cross now has the capability to successfully deliver their strategy for the coming year.