Nomad Foods

Nomad Foods is a global food processing and distribution company known for its high-quality frozen food products. In response to growing consumer demand for sustainable and eco-friendly practices, Nomad Foods embarked on a strategic vision to enhance its supply chain operations and reduce its environmental impact.

Project Context

Nomad Food identified a need for support with their project management office (PMO) function due to a temporary resourcing gap. Nine Feet Tall were brought on board to ensure the smooth functioning of the PMO and oversee a variety of project management activities. Maintaining project management standards and effective communication throughout the project was of upmost importance.

Project Delivery

Assuming responsibility for overseeing project management functions across the organisation, the Nine Feet Tall team worked collaboratively with Nomad Foods key stakeholders to provide guidance, support and direction to project managers. This ensured key outcomes within the PMO such as project management best practices and fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the team.

Critical to achieving the Nomad Food’s vision, it was important to effectively manage the project stage gate and portfolio prioritisation process. By implementing a robust stage gate framework, Nine Feet Tall ensured that projects were thoroughly evaluated and aligned with strategic objectives before proceeding to subsequent phases. By identifying and prioritising projects based on their strategic value and resource requirements, Nomad Foods would soon have an efficient and streamlined PMO function once again.

Central to a successful PMO is the importance of effective reporting. Nine Feet Tall worked with key stakeholders to enhance reporting templates, streamline data collection processes, and introduce automated reporting. This would provide timely and accurate project updates to stakeholders, as well as improving resource management. A crucial element for ensuring optimal allocation of resources and alignment of projects with available capacity.


Nomad foods now had clear and concise communication channels, fostering their culture of transparency and ensuring alignment across the organisation. As a result of enhancing resource and pipeline management, improved overall project efficiency and reduction in the risk of resource bottlenecks would be achievable. The overall improvement of their prioritisation process would allow for better project and team alignment, keeping a focus on the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Overall, Nomad Foods now have a platform for collaboration and transparency within their PMO function, ensuring greater visibility and buy in for project initiatives. By working with Nine Feet Tall all of this was now possible, and the company’s PMO was now aligned with their overall strategic objectives.