Mayborn Group

Mayborn Group is the parent company of the Tommee Tippee brand, a leading producer of baby products. The company is headquartered in the UK and has manufacturing facilities in the Far East. It has sales headquarters in Paris, Connecticut, LA , Hong Kong, and Melbourne, and they have established a global presence in the baby products market.

Project Context

Mayborn Group had identified the need to replace its existing legacy ERP system with a modern and purpose-built solution across the organisation to streamline current ways of working and enable future business growth. To initiate this transformation, they planned to launch a comprehensive program in the second quarter of 2023. This discovery phase aimed to evaluate the case for change and recommend a forward plan for the successful implementation of the ERP transformation program. Mayborn Group engaged Nine Feet Tall to support the scoping and setup of this next generation ERP programme during the initial Discovery Phase. The primary objective was to create a comprehensive case for change to support the implementation phase.

Project Delivery

The Discovery Phase would focus on 6 core deliverables to achieve the aims of Mayborn Group in formulating their case for change: Programme Vision Statement: Working closely with Mayborn Group, Nine Feet Tall defined a clear and concise vision statement for the ERP transformation program. This statement outlined the overarching goals and objectives, providing a guiding principle for subsequent phases and business engagement. Benefit Categories, Metrics & Owners: Nine Feet Tall worked with Mayborn Group to categorise the potential benefits of the new ERP solution and collaborated with key stakeholders to establish relevant metrics. Ownership for each benefit category was assigned to ensure alignment with Mayborn's strategic objectives. Review of Existing 'As-Is' Process Capture: Nine Feet Tall conducted a thorough review of Mayborn Group's current processes across core business areas. This analysis identified areas for improvement and served as a baseline for future process design. Review of Pain Points and ERP Focus Areas: Feedback from stakeholders within Mayborn Group was gathered to understand pain points and challenges related to the existing ERP system. The information captured was used to define the focus areas for the new ERP solution. Capture of High-Level End-to-End Business Processes: Nine Feet Tall worked closely with subject matter experts to outline the high-level end-to-end business processes that modern ERP’s typically base their workflows upon. This exercise provided a comprehensive understanding of the organisation's operations, to enable process optimisation in the future-state solution. Outline Future-State Process Model and Narrative: Based on the captured as-is processes and stakeholder input, Nine Feet Tall collaborated with Mayborn Group to define an outline of the future-state process model. This model outlined desired workflows and provided a narrative to guide subsequent phases of the ERP transformation program.


The completion of the discovery phase resulted in the development of a clear and concise vision statement for the ERP transformation program, aligning it with Mayborn's strategic goals. Additionally, the potential benefits of the new ERP solution were categorised, relevant metrics were outlined, and ownership was assigned for each category. Mayborn Group were also now equipped with a comprehensive overview of their operations. This understanding would serve as a foundation for process improvement in subsequent phases. Based on the evaluation of the programme health check, recommendations have been provided for setting up the program, ensuring a smooth transition into the implementation phase.