Burges Salmon

Burges Salmon is a UK law firm with a national and international client base, including FTSE-listed companies, government departments, public bodies, executives and individuals.

Project Scoping

Looking to upgrade their ERP software Aderant, Burges Salmon sought the help of Nine Feet Tall to carry out a rigorous testing process to ensure a smooth transition to the new software and cloud-based working. The aim, to iron out any potential functionality and technical issues, ensure Aderant works alongside existing systems, and to allow for a seamless and timely roll out. Additionally, Nine Feet Tall would upskill Burgess Salmon to carry out any future test management projects, building capability and business continuity scope.

Project Delivery

Nine Feet Tall assisted the utilisation of Dev Ops throughout the project, allowing for consistent planning, scheduling and monitoring of the test management process. Through developing a structured prioritisation methodology and utilising our ‘Just Enough Governance’ approach, Nine Feet Tall worked across multiple teams at Burgess Salmon, liaising with Aderant project team members weekly to guarantee a timely delivery. Testing and retesting performance of the new upgraded Aderant software put Burgess Salmon in a position to implement the new software with confidence that roll out would be a smooth and seamless transition.


Successful sign off of the ERP system performance was secured from senior management teams. Burgess Salmon is now in a position to confidently roll out the new ERP software upgrade of Aderant, taking control of their own delivery. Through building capability within the team, Burgess Salmon now have the knowledge and a framework to deliver robust testing for both new implementations or upgrades to their software.