Bathroom Brands

Bathroom Brands is a leading designer, importer and supplier of bathroom and sanitary products competing in the global market. Established in 2005 the company is already seen as a major player in the industry with a reported turnover in excess of £100m.

Project Scope

Bathroom Brands saw an opportunity to increase business efficiency by reviewing their existing systems, with a focus on replacement of their legacy ERP system. After an initial review with Nine Feet Tall the scope was agreed. This would focus on the following areas of technology:

·        ERP finance

·        Warehouse management

·        CRM

·        Inventory management

·        Product management

Bathroom Brands asked Nine Feet Tall to assist in going to market for their new technologies.

Project Delivery

The first step for any ERP implementation is ensuring a shared vision and an understanding of the project benefits. As such, Nine Feet Tall ran a benefits workshop to develop this team buy in and engagement. Further interviews with key stakeholders were held to delve deeper into current systems barriers, end user pain points and future requirements.

The collected data was used to create a prioritised list of initiatives which were shared with the Bathroom brands teams, highlighting key themes and trends from interviews, such as manual data handling, data availability in customer interfaces, and product and stock management. Nine Feet Tall also worked with Bathroom Brands to understand system dependencies and validate the scope. All initiatives were collated into a recommendations report for the client to review. 

Nine Feet Talls core support revolved around business assurance to ensure requirements were spot on and ready for vendor selection. It was important to prioritise business needs and ensure a realistic approach to vendor selection was conducted. We employed a ‘Just Enough Governance’ approach, involving governance guidelines, various toolkits, and training on improving documentation and data management. 


Bathroom Brands were now equipped with the relevant information, data, toolkits and stakeholder engagement to be able to make an informed decision and select the right vendor for their new ERP system. They were also able to improve their documentation and data management through the use of the Nine Feet Tall PMO toolkit. Their projects have successfully kicked off and are being supported through to delivery by Nine Feet Tall.



Implementation of