The Co-operative Legal Services are a national services provider with legal experts available to help and advise on a range of issues. They have experienced rapid growth over the past years and have an excellent reputation for legal expertise as trusted partner to their members and the general public.

Innovation & Improvement

The Co-op has gone through a period of rapid growth and had aggressive plans to increase services and market share. We were brought in to work closely with Insurance, Legal Services and Funeralcare and ran a series of workshops to capture ideas for improvement and innovation. These were then prioritised based on impact, delivery effort and alignment to the strategic priorities. New initiatives were scoped, piloted and delivered, ranging from quick wins such as process efficiency, customer services training and cross-selling opportunities, to new customer products and services, digitalisation and automation.


Increased due to up-selling / cross-selling

CMS and process design

The Cooperative Legal Services has gone through a period of rapid growth and as a result the processes and supporting systems were disparate and no longer fit for purpose. We were brought in to design common ways of working and lead the implementation of a Case Management System for the PI and Probate divisions. We successfully delivered the new IT platform enabling the Co-op to accelerate their growth plans.

Error Reduction

Down 80%

ABS compliance

The Co-operative Legal Services were required to achieve compliance with a new, significant and highly complex set of regulatory requirements known as “Alternative Business Structures” or “ABS”. This necessitated change at every level in the organisation and in every department. We were engaged to fulfil the role of project manager and supported The Co-operative Legal Services to make the business changes required to adapt and adhere to the new regulation.


Compliance with key ABS regulation

Nine Feet Tall were able to provide real focused and detailed analysis, translating highly complex regulatory requirements in a clear action plan and brought a fresh and effective approach to solving issues.

Hugh GregoryBusiness Infrastructure Manager, Co-op