Navigating the dynamic role of a CTO in the Consumer Goods world

Being a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in the world of Consumer Goods can be quite the rollercoaster ride. With rapidly evolving technologies and ever-changing consumer demands, you need to stay on your toes. Here are some tips to help you navigate this exciting terrain.

Stop Just Fixing

With many BAU issues and technical debt to resolve, a CTO is often focused on the here, now and immediate future. For technology to really enable strategic growth, a CTO must change the mindset and free up capacity, to spend time looking at the art of the possible and technology that will deliver a step change. Embrace innovative technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain to streamline processes, reduce costs, and boost product quality.

Get Used to Perma-Change

CTOs operate in an ever-changing world and the sooner leaders accept that change will be a constant, the better. A strong CTO is able to navigate ambiguity and uncertainty and create a clear way forward. A compelling narrative and vision is key – the activities to achieve that can flex depending on resources, the business needs and economic climate.


Technology needs to be aligned to the business and consumer needs. Silo’d technology functions will deliver the wrong technology stack. Work closely with other departments, from marketing to supply chain, to ensure technology aligns with the overall business strategy.

Stay Customer-Centric

Customer experience is king. This drives satisfaction, loyalty and revenue. It is important to get to know your consumers, listen to their feedback, and let their needs drive your technology innovations.

Prioritise Data

To really understand consumer behaviours and what matters, you will need to look at the data facts and trends. There are many tools that help you slice and dice your data, providing a single view of the customer, to enable decision making.

Data Security

And whilst on the subject of data – make sure you consider the security. With an increase of online sales and trade, data security is paramount. Invest in robust cybersecurity measures to protect customer data and maintain trust.

Think Sustainability

In today’s world, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a necessity. Look for eco-friendly technologies, partnerships and practices to reduce your environmental footprint. Let your customers know you’re taking the green route.

Agile Approach

Adopt an agile mindset. Consumer preferences change in a snap, so your tech solutions should be flexible and adaptive. Quick adjustments and iterations are your best friends. Innovation often involves trial and error. Encourage a culture of experimentation and learning from failures. Sometimes, your biggest breakthroughs come from taking risks.


In the consumer goods industry, the CTO’s role is dynamic and challenging, but with these top-tips, you can navigate the ever-changing landscape successfully. Why not use the list above as a check list? Ask yourself the question “how many of these can I honestly tick off as current successes?”. Keep your customers happy, stay innovative, and lead your team to tech triumphs.Want to learn more? Get in touch with us today.

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