Innovation: Why you should be making it happen now

We recently conducted research among business leaders from organisations including Tesco Bank, Virgin Media, GSK and John Frieda and found 77% of them say the pandemic has presented opportunities for them to innovate. Many businesses have been struck by ‘the art of the possible’ – which means taking ideas and making them happen, without the usual delays and bureaucracy. The full report has just been released and is free to download here.

Over the past year every organisation globally has had to consider and change their ways of working. Thinking laterally has become the norm, as we have had to find new ways to deliver our products and services in record time.

From our research we have heard many of the changes which were implemented have been in the pipeline or discussion for months or years before. The implementation was simply accelerated due to emerging requirements and the need to try something different. Organisations have increasingly learnt to embrace new ideas and give them a try.

Of the contributors Nine Feet Tall approached, 63% said appetite for innovation is now strong in their organisations. There are still barriers to be overcome of course, but decision makers have been struck by what can be achieved when innovative ideas are born and quickly applied. These can be ideas which relate to products and services, strategy or tools. There is also a growing understanding that for innovation to succeed it must run through the cultural fabric of the business and not just be a one-off thing.

Click meNine Feet Tall Partner Tiggy Robinson said “The balance between keeping the day-to-day on track and looking to the future can be a difficult challenge to navigate. 75% of our interviewees said they are still facing pandemic led challenges, so it can be difficult to maintain focus on innovation. But if there was ever a time to seize the willingness to adapt to a culture of innovation it is now.”

Nine Feet Tall’s report on Innovation also provides advice on how to get your innovation journey started or accelerated, looking at:

  • Strategic Orientation
  • Innovation Culture
  • Products & Services
  • People & Leadership
  • Processes & Structure
  • Data, Tools & Measures

You can download Nine Feet Tall’s full report on Innovation here.




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