MAXIMUS UK is the UK arm of MAXIMUS, an American owned organisation that has a strong heritage of delivering Student Services in the US. MAXIMUS UK services to date have centred on DWP Health and Employability schemes offered directly, as a second tier supplier and through a MAXIMUS UK subsidiary, Remploy.


Successful bid submission.

Nine Feet Tall was brought in from the beginning to design a winning digital by default solution, engage fifteen potential technology providers before selecting one based on our key criteria. Criteria included having an existing track record with the Department for Education, capability to deliver platforms that enable flexibility throughout the delivery, evidence of good practice in delivering similar work to that required for SBSS, evidence of compliance with the new Government Digital Standard (GDS), evidence of improving services through automation and evidence of Agile working.

Bid value secured

£6M+ Value (3yrs with +2yr Option)