A Post Merger Guide to Integration

UK Finance recently reported “The first quarter of 2024 has shown a healthy uptick in public M&A activity in the UK, signalling a growing appetite particularly for strategic corporate transactions.”

But once companies are snapped up the news stories seem to end. For us as change specialists we find this baffling. Yes, acquisition can sometimes mean struggling companies are given a financial lifeboat, but this does not guarantee a successful future for the unified organisation. There are many important measures and little tell-tale signs which can mean integrations need a helping hand.

Nine Feet Tall have put together a guide to assess how your integration is progressing and how to address areas which aren’t thriving. Looking specifically at:

  • Leadership and Vision
  • Technology
  • People and Culture
  • Governance and Organisational Structure
  • Projects and Processes
  • Customers and Supply Chain

There are effective change management tools and methods which can help to ensure the transition is smooth and minimise disruption for all involved. Reflecting on the recent integration at Lifetime Training, Carl Cornish, Chief Organisation Officer, told us he believes “relentless communication” about the look and feel of the integration is as important as the technical communication about the physical day to day changes.

Carl continued: “Often there is an expectation of a big bang, and everything will be different. The reality is that integration takes time and progress needs to be nurtured.”

In this paper Nine Feet Tall explore how to address the challenges which rear up down the line once the contractual ink is dry and suggest strategies to manage the transition to a future unified enterprise successfully. You can download it here.

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