Changing ways of working to cut waste, improve productivity, deliver client services, and become more agile

Our bite-sized book of business analysis is jam-packed with hints, tips, stats and facts.

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How we can help

At Nine Feet Tall we have the skills and expertise, underpinned by a robust framework, to analyse your processes to identify areas where you can improve accuracy, effectiveness and/or efficiency. We can take it a step further and help implement the new ways of working and ensure the changes are embedded and benefits are realised in your organistion.

The department had undergone a substantial amount of change and as a result processes and business systems were messy and inefficient. Nine Feet Tall ensured simple business processes were identified and adopted. They managed the implementation of a highly effective CRM system, not only improving our ability to engage with our alumni base, but also delivering savings on our IT costs.

Fiona Kirk Imperial College