How to Plan Effective Communications for an ERP Implementation

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We all know communicating significant change should be timely, relevant, and interesting. But what do you do when your project lasts 12m+, and means different things to almost everyone in the company? What if it is a little bland and goes through peaks and troughs...
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Agile principles to become a more sustainable business

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9 Agile principles to become a more sustainable business The push for sustainable business has never been more prevalent. Conformity pressures along with clear incentives to shift to an environmentally conscious model has become increasingly more important for clients and employee satisfaction, as well...
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How will digital transformation affect your company culture?

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Digital transformation is not simply a case of updating technology or redesigning products or services. It is critical to align employee values and behaviours… and failure to do so can create additional risks to an organisation’s culture if not managed properly. Yes, technology plays...
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Implementing a new Organisational Structure – how to make it a success

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Many organisations have used the last 6 months to review their set up and structure to make sure they are set up for what is perhaps a different future, with new regulation, ways of working and customer expectations. Defining the organisational design is the...
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