Boost CRM Adoption – Top Tips

Boost your CRM adoption with these top tips

Boosting CRM adoption with a well implemented CRM software can improve the supporter experience and streamline processes to create efficiencies. CRMs provide a technical solution to putting the supporter at the heart of what a charity does by centralising information and building understanding of them as a whole person.  

There are many ways in which a CRM can add value, but in particular, a CRM will;

  • Enable you to recognise the supporter’s lifetime contribution, regardless of initial contact.  
  • Segment and test campaigns to better suit that group’s interest and needs. 
  • Monitor and analyse data to enable better target setting and flow of real time information. 
  • Require you to map processes, determine ownership, clean up your data and support you in adhering to data governance legislation. 

The challenge of digital adoption 

What factors can impact CRM adoption? Common factors we see are miscommunication and misconceptions, a poorly planned implementation project, a lack of clarity in requirements, and underappreciating and underpreparing for the impact on teams. However there are many factors that can influence the level of adoption when it comes to implementing as CRM system. 

There are many hurdles to CRM implementation success. A reported 60% of organisations do not deliver the full benefits of the project, so we know there are many hurdles to success. However one truth binds adoption project failures…  it doesn’t matter how brilliant the technology is, if the user is unable to use it, you will not be able to realise the return on investment.  

Poor digital adoption can lead to an increase in time to complete tasks and manual work arounds​, an increased demand on support services, possible loss of data, as well as the perception of wasted investment which impacts on staff morale and retention​.  

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Boosting digital adoption with these top tips

We are here to help! Below are just some of our top tips to help boost user adoption of your CRM: 

  1. Understand how users feel about the existing systemthis helps you to prioritise the functionality used and loved the most and therefore focus on improvements that will have the biggest impact. 
  2. Explain the vision and benefits of the new system – users need to understand why the investment is being made and how it will impact them. 
  3. Build a network – utilising a network of individuals from across the business to help shape and inform the project will reduce the risk of misalignment between requirements and usage. Once live, this network will then be able to advocate for correct usage of the system and provide two-way feedback.  
  4. Celebrate successes – talk about the things that are going well, share the stories of early wins and positive impacts. 
  5. Tailor your training – using point 1, plan training around the teams and their responsibilities focussing on both their current and intended use of the system. 
  6. Ask for feedback – Use focus groups, support requests, one to one conversation and surveys to collect feedback from the users. Collating this data will allow you to build out a development roadmap that packs a punch.  


Perhaps you’re going through a CRM implementation project of your own, or you are about to embark on your journey? No matter what stage you are at our team of expert consultants are here to help.  Using our vast experience in CRM and digital adoption projects we will get you on the right track. Get in touch today!

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