The Power of Positivity

We all have days that are filled to the brim with issues and challenges and it can be hard to stay upbeat at times, but it is amazing what you can achieve when you remain positive. Positivity also creates a ripple effect and it is easy to spread the vibe.

I guess in that same way negativity can create a ripple too – but not a good one. Being surrounded by negativity will most certainly get you in a bad mood and sap the energy out of the room. Remember Henry Ford’s quote, “if you think you can, or think you can’t you’re right.”

Sure – times can be hard. Sure – there are things you can’t always control. But you can be positive. Here are some tips to help you on your way…

  1. Hang out with positive people – surround yourself with likeminded people to generate solutions, ideas and forward plans
  2. Be kind – an act of kindness makes you feel good as well as the other person. Pay it forward.
  3. Focus – concentrate on the things you can control
  4. Stop complaining – ranting is overrated – instead focus on solutions
  5. Smile – a grin and happy face goes a long way
  6. Find humour in bad situations – things may be tricky in the moment, but it will pass. You will gain new experienced and it will make a good story later when you look back

At Nine Feet Tall we have a programme called “How Are You” or HAY to check in on the team’s wellbeing. Do you have any internal initiatives to help drive positivity amongst your team? For more information contact 

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