The new meeting etiquette

We are now all well versed to continuing our conversations, workshops and meetings remotely and as well as the obvious benefit of cutting out the commute and travel time, we have also seen some real improvements in meeting etiquette, productivity and the human connection.

  1. Time keeping – this really is much better, and meetings tend to start on time with all attendees present. People are not distracted by someone hovering by their desk, or conversation they get drawn into. There is no reason to be late.
  2. Duration – meetings don’t need to take hours – we have worked out that a lot can be discussed and agreed in a 30-minute slot.
  3. Efficiency – individuals dial in themselves and are all in the same boat – gone are the days where groups of people are set round the table with other groups or individuals dialling in from afar. It is a level playing field.
  4. Human connection – it is great to see the human element behind people – we are invited into their house and have had many of occasions where a pet, dog or house mate walks in on the meeting. This is often a welcome distraction, shows that we are real and puts a smile on people’s faces.
  5. Casual dress – finally this has become the norm. No need to iron a shirt or wear those high heeled shoes. Be who you are.

If you need help with adjusting your business to at home working, please contact and we will set up a free consultation with a member of our team.

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