Housing Organisations Discuss Project Planning

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Leaders from Housing Organisations across the UK met today, to discuss the value that can be gained through Project Portfolio Management. Overwhelmingly, 97% of organisations believe that project management is critical to business performance and organisational success, according to a PwC study. Yet delivering...
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“What is a Commutative Equation?!” Fusing Together Work, School and Home.

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Volatile junior stakeholders, impossible assignments, pressure from all angles…. This is the reality for working parents in 2021. Throwing together work life and Home Learning has created the ultimate juggling act. We have all now become Project Sponsors, invested in the outcome of each...
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Brexit and Supply Chains – How to Plan For The Unknown 

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Britain is set to leave the EU on 31st December, yet there is currently a lot of uncertainty about what the trade terms will be and what the implications will be for businesses. Supply chains are expected to face huge disruption as documentation requirements are still unknown and border posts will bear the strain. In...
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Project or No Project? Tips for Success in Wave 2…

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So, you have got through wave 1 of the pandemic and addressed immediate critical issues for your organisation – massive strategic questions around people, technology, cost base, market change and new ways of working. Wave 2 is surely a matter of when, not if,...
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