Nine weeks at Nine Feet Tall an employee reflection

My nine reflections of being at Nine Feet Tall after nine weeks. 

I recently joined Nine Feet Tall. I’ve always aspired to becoming a consultant, I love the idea of helping organisations deliver the change they want and help them realise their vision for how they want to run their business. So, after having been here for nine weeks here are my reflections…

Values: a lot of places say they live their values. 9FT’s are Excellence, People Focus, Integrity and Passion. My experience is I am in a place that really does walk the walk. We talk about them a lot; they get integrated into conversations naturally which helps keep them alive. At the end of year Company Day we voted for team members who we felt best respresented these values across different functions, which was really affirming to see these celebrated so well. 

Passion: it’s here in abundance. I feel like I’ve joined a group of people who really care about what they do, and how they do it. They are keen to share their experiences with others so they can learn. This passion comes through in how we engage with our clients and the trust they have with us. Ultimately, we perform with purpose. 

Talent: I know I am working with people who know their stuff and I am already making sure I bring my A game all the time too! We’ve got a wide range of talents from project and programme management, to change and organisational design, and right through to our business functions team. From business analysis to running PMOs, from ensuring business operations run smoothly and effectively through to commercial expertise and digital understanding. Our people are brilliant.  

Clients: One of our core pillars is to take things taller. We definitely achieve this through the list of large well known companies we work with, compared to our size as an organisation. It is clear we get the work because we have delivered and continue to deliver high quality and impactful work. It’s an exciting thing to be part of.

Sustainable: We are really looking at how we do business and how we run the business, testing ourselves against sustainability principles. It feels great to be part of a company who wants to be in that place.  

Tech Select: I like the fact that we don’t partner with specific suppliers, rather we listen to what our clients need and translate that into requirements for suppliers to meet. We challenge, constructively, our clients to envisage a better future and how technology changes could enable that. 

Purpose: At Nine Feet Tall our utilisation rates are consciously lower than industry standards. It gives our people time to do things to a high standard, but also to focus on other internal initiatives that are central to our success. That could be volunteering and giving back to the community around us or collaborating with colleagues in the business to help improve how we do things. We provide pro bono support to local charities. 

Structure: Our structure is flat and feels flat. Of course, there are people who must make decisions about the business, but I already feel like a voice that is heard and valued within the organisation.  

Outcomes: It’s what people seem to focus on. How do I get the best outcome for my client? How do we get the best outcome for the way 9FT looks and feels? How do I behave with my colleagues to get the best outcome together?

Moving to Nine Feet Tall was a career change, and I feel like I have chosen well. 

Are you looking for a change? Maybe you should take a look at our open vacancies? Are you a company looking for someone to help you deliver change? Maybe we can help you! All you need to do is get in touch and get that ball rolling… 

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