Lockdown fatigue

It has been a long time since we started working remotely back in March and we have come a long way. We have all managed to master the art of Teams and Zoom and collaborated with colleagues and clients remotely. We have even managed to combine this with home-schooling, online shopping and looking after family members and relatives whilst keeping spirits up.

But, it has been a while and the novelty has well and truly worn off. We have all become tired, a little less tolerant, a touch more tetchy and have seen more challenge and confrontation.

With the summer holiday insight, what can we do to shake the lockdown fatigue, refresh and reinvigorate?

  1. Break the routine. It is tiring having the same routine in the same place all the time. Break it up. Make sure every day is different. Start at a different time, or work in a different place.
  2. Take a few days off. Have a real break, away from technology. Have a holiday and if you can’t travel away, there are plenty of things you can do to still get that holiday feel.
  3. Structure your day. It is easy to get trapped into working 24×7 as your laptop is only a step away. Agile and flexible working is key. Limit your working day to 8 hours and plan it around other activities and commitments that will re-energise you.
  4. Bubble it up. Arrange to meet a small group of friends or colleagues to go for a walk, cycle or drink. At Nine Feet Tall, we have set up a Bath, Bristol, Wales and London bubbles where team members get together, catch up, share ideas and collaborate.
  5. Make plans. Look further than today and make plans for something new. Something you can look forward to. Whatever floats your boat. A day out, a new skill, an experience, a trip away, or get together.
  6. Reflect on the good. Yes, working remotely has its downsides. But it also has its upsides. Take a moment to remind yourself of the positive changes it has brought. No rush hour, less travel time, time with family, working from anywhere and no Friday afternoon meetings miles away from home. It is not all that bad!

If you’d like to get a fresh view from a project expert then do get in touch with Nine Feet Tall at info@ninefeettall.com

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