Keeping up the banter

By now we are all well-versed in working remotely and the novelty is wearing off rapidly. I am spending my entire day on Teams, Skype and Zoom, requiring high levels of concentration and I feel my eyes have gone square! I am sure we all crave some face-to-face contact, a cup of coffee, a pat on the back, and just some chatter and banter.

So, what can we do to keep that interaction that we take for granted, to keep spirits high and to have positive and engaging contact? We at Nine Feet Tall are all about team spirit and have introduced a number of ‘social’ activities with our team, clients and networks. The levels of participation and feedback has been phenomenal.

Let me share some of the things we are doing to put a smile on our faces. I would also love to hear from you – so please share any ideas, tips and suggestions!

  1. Themed Project or Team Meetings – you can’t beat a bit of dressing up – our Easter themed board meeting with one of our legal clients was a real hit! And if you don’t have access to dressing up items, you can use the Zoom settings and additions to transform your surroundings. I particularly liked the Ozzie project team meeting hosted by @David Durrant for our client Rotork.
  2. Monday Fitness – we are lucky to have such an active team and are all committed to staying well, fit and healthy throughout this period. As well as a dedicated #HAY group (how are you) to share tips and ideas, we also have our very own Monday Morning Anna-Giser fitness class led by @Anna Brearley via Zoom.
  3. Pub Quiz – what it says on the tin! @Aleks Goudie and @Angie Seseri from NFT host our very own pub quizzes with a great mixture of general knowledge, music, and NFT knowledge, even featuring a round with baby photos of each of the team members.
  4. I Spy with My Little Eye – something orange! This is a weekly photo competition we have in place with one of our construction clients where people submit their best photograph via Whatsapp each week. Families are encouraged to participate! Themes change from orange, to nine, to tall and next week is something growing!
  5. Film Emoji – this one is for movie buffs and emoji experts. We do this on Whatsapp but can be done on any platform. Every day someone posts an ‘emoji film’ – first one to get it right sets the one for the next day.

💍💍💍💍⚰ four weddings and a funeral, 🎈🎈🏠 up, and 🌴🏐 castaway – the combinations are endless!

  1. Bake Off – inspired by one of our clients Avison Young who have 2 PM cakes in their offices and our biggest fan @Matt Regan, we have introduced a Friday 2 PM bake off competition where we compare our cakes and have a chat over a cuppa. Great way to get the kids involved too – my daughter bakes a fine brownie!
  2. Quarantini Martini – a social drop in at the end of the week to catch up and have a natter over a drink. Our very own cocktail expert @Oli Walkes is on standby to provide tips on your best gin combinations.

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