Implementing a new Organisational Structure – how to make it a success

Many organisations have used the last 6 months to review their set up and structure to make sure they are set up for what is perhaps a different future, with new regulation, ways of working and customer expectations.

Defining the organisational design is the first step – and our recent blog here has a number of tips to help you on the way. The hard bit is to successfully implement this!


What is Organisational Structure?

Organisational structure refers to the way in which an organisation arranges its components, such as departments, teams, and roles, to achieve its objectives. It defines how tasks are divided, coordinated, and managed across different levels and units of the organisation. In other words, organisational structure is the framework that outlines how an organisation will operate, including the chain of command, communication channels, and decision-making processes. A well-designed organisational structure helps to streamline operations, promote accountability, and enhance overall performance.

At Nine Feet Tall, we specialise in helping businesses design and implement effective organisational structures that support their strategy and goals. Whether you’re looking to restructure your entire organisation or simply optimise a single department, our experts can provide valuable insights and practical guidance every step of the way.


Key Factors that Influence Organisational Structure


1. Define the vision

Defining the vision is a crucial step in implementing a new organisational structure. It involves articulating a clear and compelling direction for the organisation, aligning with its overall mission and strategy. This vision should be communicated effectively to all stakeholders, including employees, customers, and partners, to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

At Nine Feet Tall, we help organisations define their vision by assessing their current state, identifying areas for improvement, and developing a roadmap for achieving their desired future state. By doing so, we enable organisations to create a shared sense of purpose, foster collaboration, and drive meaningful change. Effective organisational structures are designed to support this vision, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently and decision-making processes are optimised.

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2. Think beyond structure

At Nine Feet Tall, we understand that organisational structure is not just about charts and hierarchies. It’s about creating a system that supports your people, processes, and culture. That’s why we encourage our clients to think beyond traditional organisation structures and consider alternative models that better suit their unique needs. From holacracy to agile methodologies, there are various ways to organise your team that can lead to greater innovation, collaboration, and productivity. Our experts can help you explore these options and design a tailored approach that sets your organisation up for success.


3. Mind the gap

Implementing a new organisational structure can be a significant change for any organisation. It’s important to recognise that there may be a gap between your current state and your desired future state. At Nine Feet Tall, we help our clients bridge this gap by assessing their current organisation structure and identifying areas that need improvement.

We work closely with leaders and managers to develop a transition plan that addresses potential risks and ensures a smooth implementation process. Our aim is to minimise disruption and maximise the impact of your new organisational structure, so your organisation can thrive in today’s fast-paced business environment.


4. Prepare

Preparation is key when implementing a new organisational structure. At Nine Feet Tall, we advise our clients to take a thorough approach to preparation, addressing everything from staff training to technology integration. We help organisations assess their current state, identify gaps in skills and resources, and develop a comprehensive plan to upskill and reskill employees.

By doing so, we ensure that your team is equipped to succeed in the new organisation structure and that the transition is as seamless as possible. With careful planning and preparation, your organisation can avoid common pitfalls and capitalise on the benefits of a well-designed organisational structure.

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5. Be agile

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, organisations must be adaptable to stay ahead of the curve. At Nine Feet Tall, we advocate for an agile approach to organisational structure, embracing flexibility and responsiveness to changing market conditions. Our experts help clients cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, empowering teams to experiment, learn, and evolve.

By adopting agile practices, organisations can quickly respond to shifting customer needs, capitalise on emerging opportunities, and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. In our experience, agility is a critical component of successful organisational structures, enabling businesses to thrive in the face of uncertainty and change.


6. Test

At Nine Feet Tall, we understand that no organisational structure is perfect from the get-go. That’s why we recommend testing and refining your new structure before fully implementing it. Our experts will work with you to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor progress against them.

We’ll conduct regular check-ins to assess what’s working and what isn’t and adjust accordingly. This iterative approach ensures that your organisation structure is optimised for efficiency, effectiveness, and employee engagement. By continuously testing and refining your structure, you’ll be able to respond to changing business needs and maintain a competitive edge.


7. Support leaders

Effective leadership is crucial for the success of any organisational structure. At Nine Feet Tall, we provide support and guidance to leaders at all levels to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to drive their teams forward. Our experts work closely with leaders to develop tailored strategies that align with your organisation’s goals and objectives.

We also offer coaching and mentoring programs to help leaders build their capabilities and confidence. By supporting your leaders, we can ensure that your organisation structure is effective in driving business outcomes and delivering results.

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8. Relevant communications

Clear communication is essential for the successful implementation of a new organisational structure. At Nine Feet Tall, we help our clients develop a communications strategy that ensures all stakeholders are informed and engaged throughout the process. Our experts work with you to create clear, concise messaging that explains the reasons behind the changes, the benefits to employees, and the impact on the organisation as a whole.

We also provide support in creating internal communications materials such as newsletters, intranets, and town hall presentations. By keeping the lines of communication open and transparent, we can minimise disruption and ensure a smooth transition to your new organisational structure.


9. Reference materials

To support the successful implementation of your new organisational structure, Nine Feet Tall provides a range of reference materials that can be used by employees at all levels of the organisation. These materials include detailed diagrams and explanations of the new structure, job descriptions, and role profiles. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive FAQ document that addresses common questions and concerns about the restructuring process.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone in the organisation has access to the information they need to navigate the new structure with ease and confidence. By providing these resources, we can help minimise confusion and disruption, and enable your team to focus on achieving your business goals.


10. Be fair, open and empathetic

At Nine Feet Tall, we believe that a successful organisational structure is built on a foundation of fairness, openness, and empathy. We work with our clients to create a culture where every employee feels valued, respected, and heard.

Our experts help to establish clear communication channels, encourage collaboration, and foster an environment of trust and transparency. By doing so, we can ensure that the new structure is embraced by all, and that it supports the well-being and growth of each individual and the organisation as a whole.


11. Manage risk

Implementing a new organisational structure can be a complex and risky endeavour. At Nine Feet Tall, we understand the importance of identifying and mitigating potential risks to ensure a successful outcome. Our experts work closely with clients to identify potential pitfalls and develop strategies to manage them effectively.

We help to assess the impact of change on various departments and teams and develop contingency plans to address any issues that may arise. By taking a proactive approach to risk management, we can minimise disruptions and ensure a seamless transition to your new organisational structure.


12. KPIs

At Nine Feet Tall, we understand the importance of measuring progress and performance when implementing a new organisational structure. That’s why we work with our clients to define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with their business objectives.

Our experts help identify metrics that will measure the success of the new structure, such as improved efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, or increased productivity. By regularly monitoring and analysing KPIs, organisations can make data-driven decisions, adjust course if needed, and ensure their new structure is delivering desired outcomes.


Why Choose Us?

Nine Feet Tall is the partner you need to successfully implement your new organisational structure. Our team of expert consultants has extensive experience in organisational design and transformation, and we take a collaborative approach to ensure your unique needs are met.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals, identify areas for improvement, and develop a tailored plan to achieve your vision. With our guidance, you can confidently navigate the challenges of change and realise the full potential of your new structure. Choose Nine Feet Tall and start building a stronger, more effective organisation today.


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