Housing Providers Discuss Digital Transformation Complexities

Complex projects are rarely straight forward… Nine Feet Tall recently hosted a roundtable event for the Housing Sector to discuss the key success factors needed for digital transformation. The event was attended by representatives from various housing providers and included a case study of one of LiveWest’s recent digital projects.

Rachel Smith, Director of Programmes at LiveWest, presented the objectives of the project, the challenges, the outcomes and learnings. Rachel said, “our goal was to deliver a single integrated business solution to replace the current systems for customer relationship management, housing management, asset management, repairs and contractor management and finance and income management.”

This proved to be an extremely complex project with many twists and turns, however LiveWest has now achieved their go live dates and the system is up and running. Rachel was candid about their journey and highlighted the team’s resilience and the lessons learned along the way. These included the importance of strong leadership, sponsorship and governance, comprehensive business readiness plans, allowing for flexibility in any complex projects of this kind and being clear on dependencies within the whole programme.

The key discussion points raised focused on Business Strategy and IT as an enabler. Senior Manager and Housing Lead at Nine Feet Tall, Simon Adams, chaired the discussion and highlighted the key success factors for digital transformation which included these themes:

  • Adaptability and managing change
  • The importance of taking time to implement and test
  • Good governance, change management and project control
  • Managing risks and making bold decisions during the process.
  • How the support of senior stakeholders is always critical
  • Keeping close to outcomes and business objectives and reflecting as you come to go live.

As part of the Digital Transformation Series, Nine Feet Tall will be hosting more events in the coming weeks. You can book a place here or for more information contact SimonA@NineFeetTall.com

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