A Message From Esther

We are currently living through an unprecedented period with much uncertainty. As Founder and CEO of Nine Feet Tall, I wanted to say on behalf of myself and everyone at Nine Feet Tall that our thoughts are with you and we wish you well.

Like many businesses at this time, we are trying to do what we can to help our clients and the business community at large to navigate this difficult time.

We are hopeful that in time, the economy will pick up again and we want to help you be ready to scale up quickly.

Esther McMorris, Nine Feet Tall

Esther McMorris, CEO of Nine Feet Tall

What we are doing:

  • Continue to deliver projects – just because we can’t meet face to face doesn’t mean things need to slow down. Business-critical projects need to continue at pace in order to steady the business and set you up for success. We have the tools to help you deliver, including being expert remote workers.
  • Remote Working – businesses of all types and sizes are finding themselves working remotely but coming up against challenges in trying to move entire operations online. We are experts at this and do it all the time. However, we understand not everyone is used to this new way of working and that the impact on your technology and workforce is considerable. To help businesses adapt, we are offering free advice on how to mobilise remote teams and how to keep your team motivated when working from home.
  • Business Continuity – planning & execution. We are offering businesses free workshops to help reprioritise and plan, not just to navigate but to accelerate when things pick up.
  • Project Health Check Tool – We have also created a free Project health check tool that allows you to check on the status of your projects as well as getting some expert tips to get it back on track.
  • Flexible resource: We know it’s hard to make big commitments in such uncertain times. We have created new flexible contract lengths which can be as short as 1 week to help fill any resourcing gaps you may have and to help you deliver your business-critical projects.
  • Staying connected: In these times, it is essential to stay connected with others and learn from each other. We have created a series of guides, webinars and virtual events to help guide you through this new way of working.
      • Webinars and virtual events: Over the coming weeks we will be organising a series of virtual events – watch this space for more details.
      • Online Community: We have set up a LinkedIn group where I will be helping answer your questions about adapting in these extraordinary times. We have already had questions from our clients around business continuity planning and prioritisation so we want to start by sharing what we can (whilst respecting our client’s confidentiality) in order to all learn from each other.
      • Relevant Content: We are publishing a series of blogs, guides and articles aimed at helping the business community navigate remote working, keeping motivation high, business continuity planning and much more. You can find these here.

We would love to hear from you to understand your unique business challenge and see if we can help. Please share your questions, feedback, and suggestions with me estherm@ninefeettall.com.

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