Nine Feet Tall move into new office

After nearly 10 memorable years in our cosy and prestigious 1 Queen Square address, Nine Feet Tall has embraced some rather significant change! We have taken the plunge to move to a modern and flexible working environment – the Regus owned Spaces in central Bath.

Shared workspaces are a growing phenomenon that have dramatically changed the conduct of business over the past few years. It’s a trend that we spotted and wanted to join as soon as we heard it was coming to Bath. The move is symbolic of our unique business model, and of changes we have made to the way that we work in recent years. With countless benefits for our consultants and clients, it’s an exciting new chapter for the business that we can’t wait for.

Our move to Northgate House will complement and improve the way that we work and come together. All of our consultants travel around the country and spend the majority of their time working with clients on their sites. This means that we don’t need much office space. However, it’s important for us to get together, often on a Friday, to work on valuable internal projects and build internal relationships. Yet since we don’t all live in Bath, travelling to a small, quiet office can be an eerie and daunting prospect.  From a small office we therefore seek a lot – a lively enticing atmosphere, breakout spaces to take client calls and spaces for us to share and collaborate.

In addition to its proximity to good coffee shops and Friday night socials, Spaces ticks all of the above boxes by providing us with a small office and a collaborative lounge downstairs. It will ensure that our consultants are excited to come to the office, confident that they will have a day that is as productive as it is stimulating and sociable. Building on this, the move gives us the perfect opportunity to meet other exciting businesses in the Bath area and build our local presence. A bold orange room, complete with surfboard on the wall, showcases our modern and people-first culture to the Bath business scene.

This move will also transform the working lives of our travelling consultants.  As a member of the Spaces network, our consultants will now have access to any Spaces-owned office across the country. This means that they will no longer face the pressure to find a convenient working space (usually a coffee shop next to the train station) whilst they are on the move, delivering fantastic work for clients. Instead they will have more flexibility, as they will be able to work from and host meetings at the Spaces office which is most convenient for them.

If you haven’t made a note of the changes already, you can find the addresses and telephone number for our new Bath, London and Manchester addresses here. If you don’t happen to be near any of our main offices but would still like to meet up for a coffee and a chat, then take a look at the other Spaces locations here and we would be happy to arrange to come and see you.

With great coffee, free drinks on a Friday and a beautiful view of Great Pulteney Street, we look forward to hosting you at our new office in the near future!

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