Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum is a world class visitor attraction and leading science research centre. They care for more than 80 million specimens and receive over 5 million visitors every year.

Portfolio and Programme Management

The Natural History Museum have been looking to gain a clearer view of their customers. After installing and upgrading Microsoft Dynamics and a membership specific CRM module, they engaged Nine Feet Tall to address data challenges and improve the implementation.

Project Delivery

Nine Feet Tall quickly captured the business needs, defined the forward vision and developed a prioritised roadmap for investment. Nine Feet Tall independently reviewed what was working well, what needed improvement and planned what would be needed in the future. The Natural History Museum’s organisational and strategic objectives could then be collaboratively distilled into a set of prioritised CRM initiatives, aligning the key departmental leads around a new structure to steer the delivery and future direction.


Improved relationships with customers, donors and partners.