The CBI is the UK's premier business lobbying organisation, providing a voice for employers at both a national and international level. Representing companies of all sizes, they operate across every sector with the sole mission of promoting the conditions in which businesses of all sizes and sectors in the UK can compete and prosper.

CRM transformation

The CBI embarked on a multi-million pound customer relationship management (CRM) IT initiative that would see a complete replacement of their existing membership processes and the implementation of a new online solution. Our team was engaged to rescue the roll out of the CRM. We took on the role of Change Manager with a particular focus on re-engaging the business and re-designing and delivering fit-for-purpose training that would ensure user adoption across the organisation.

Nine Feet Tall were able to bridge the gap between IT and the business community and with exceptional training and communications, were able to ensure the new system was adopted by the business units across the region.

Wendy HayesHead of Systems, CBI