Bond Dickinson

Bond Dickinson is a leading, UK based, law firm, providing a comprehensive legal service to clients across the UK. Formerly Bond Pearce and Dickinson Dees, until their merger in 2013, Bond Dickinson is a major player in the UK legal marketplace. In 2016 they were named one of the top 20 UK law firm brands and achieved revenues of £100 million.

Matter management implementation

Bond Dickinson was in the process of implementing a new matter management tool to maximise efficiencies across the business. Due to various business-as-usual pressures the change programme had lost momentum and as a result there was little buy-in from the business. We were brought on board to inject pace, rigour and quality, and ensure the programme and its benefits were delivered.

Nine Feet Tall quickly grasped the essence of our change programme and developed a realistic and fit-for-purpose project plan. Without Nine Feet Tall this project would still be in its infancy. They are an extremely experienced, capable and fast moving team and have been critical to the success of our project.

Gareth KaganSenior Partner and Project Sponsor, Bond Dickinson