Mewburn Ellis

Mewburn Ellis LLP is one of Europe's leading intellectual property firms. With over 150 years of experience in the legal world and with 5 offices across Europe they specialise in helping to protect the brands and technologies of tomorrow.

Project Context

Mewburn Ellis were undergoing a change to their HR and Pay Roll System when internal resource became an issue to the successful completion of the switch. Whilst recruiting for an internal team to help with the project and future change projects they required Project Management help, someone that could come in and hit the ground running to deliver the HR and Pay Roll System. Nine Feet Tall came on board to do just that. With the project already in flight Nine Feet Tall were required to get up to speed quickly and to work with both Mewburn Ellis and their system supplier to accelerate this change project.

Project Delivery

It was important from the outset to develop a succinct project plan that would outline goals and check points required to meet in order to deliver the new system by the outlined deadline. This involved people resourcing, project timelines, budget requirements and role clarification. A rigorous testing strategy was then developed, ensuring users work through the system in scenario based activities in order to highlight where the system required changes such that it would meet the needs of Mewburn Ellis. Continuous improvement was a striving point, and the testing process allowed for this to happen.

Further to this Nine Feet Tall worked with Mewburn Ellis to produce a change, planning and communications framework from which the change project would be rolled out. This ensured that the right people were contacted at the right time with the right information. Rather than roll out a sudden new system, consistent and regular contact at key impact points ensured a smoother transition, allowing for the testing to be done and questions to be answered. This process would also involve upskilling and capability development of the new Project Manager at Mewburn Ellis, enabling future change projects to run successfully in house using the developed frameworks and tools in this project.


Mewburn Ellis now had the information, frameworks and tools necessary to successfully roll out their new HR and Pay Roll System in a timely and accurate manner. Furthermore, through building capability in the team they now had the knowledge and experience to run further change projects aligning to their strategic goals.