Why Isn’t My ERP Implementation Going To Plan?

Your new ERP System was going to deliver so much, seamlessly streamlining all the data for your organisation. However, it is not going smoothly and suddenly the dream tech solution is not looking like everything you were told it would be. There are many...
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Nine Feet Tall Host Zero Carbon Housing Sector Discussion Event

/ Press
Earlier this week, Nine Feet Tall hosted a Round Table Discussion Event for the Housing sector. The themes discussed focused on sustainability and the green agenda and the event was attended by representatives from Housing Associations around the UK. The event started with a...
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Key Trends Affecting Supply Chains and Logistics

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Going back to a pre-Covid-19 economy isn’t going to happen. So the supply chain sector is adapting to new trading conditions. 2021 will see the continuation of a short-term focus on rapid changes and a need for agility, balanced against a need to adapt to longer-term trends that are...
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