Our Agile learnings from the PMI Synergy Conference

Following on from our previous blog posts on the insightful PMI synergy conference we have consolidated our key takeaways on the theme of the conference and buzz word of the moment, Agile! 

Many of the barriers for successful agile lie in HR, culture and values

Being Agile isn’t just a process, it’s about people and the modern practitioner should consider ways of working that centres itself around them. A modern Agile working environment that fosters trust, encourages honesty and focuses itself on the well being of people creates a platform for maximum efficiency, adaptability and resilience to change.

 Don’t be an Agile PM be an Agile Leader

The Agile Leader does more than manage, they live by strong personal values and align themselves to that of the organisation to lead by example. An agile leader should share the vision, encourage open feedback and promote collaboration to create effective project communities. A successful Agile leader manages through autonomy and understands that those closest to the problem are more likely to bring the solutions and innovate. 

It’s not always one size fits all approach

A fundamental process to facilitate project success is knowing when to adopt Agile or perhaps consider another method, such as Waterfall, or both! Whilst the Agile philosophy works for many organisations don’t be too quick to follow the popular crowd and throw away the non-iterative approach in the hope that it’s miracle cure for your project/organisation. Carefully consider a methodology that works for your organisation and don’t be afraid to become ‘WAgile’!

Leadership, people and knowing your organisation are fundamental considerations in facilitating Agile to succeed, to name just a few of the many important messages regarding Agile that were identified last week, however the identified three above stood out to us at Nine Feet Tall as we put people at the centre of everything we do.



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