An evening about risk and resilience with Samantha Murray & Tom Butler

On Thursday 7th February we invited guests to a special evening; exploring themes of risk and resilience with those who risk it all!

Modern Pentathlete Samantha Murray, Big-Wave Surfer Tom Butler, and Nine Feet Tall’s Tiggy Robinson took to the panel which was hosted by radio presenter Dot Davies. Samantha and Tom shared experiences of risk-taking throughout their careers, as well as recalling some major knock-backs and tips on how they overcame them.

A moment that stood out the most to us was Samantha explaining the risk-taking attitude required to become a professional athlete, let alone survive and thrive in the dangerous sports. Sam enlightened us on the lesser known consequences of being such a success.

Likewise, Tom described his experience of risk and resilience with an account of a surfing accident which resulted in five days in the hospital, suffering a Pneumothorax, and nearly losing his left ear.  Tom showed guests his life-saving equipment and discussed the importance of planning and strategy.

Although Tiggy acknowledged she’s never encountered a 100ft wave, she explained how many of the techniques suggested by Sam and Tom are both relevant and applicable to the business challenges many of us are facing in 2019. Tiggy’s top suggestions included:

  1. For any change to a business, allocate an appropriate ‘discovery’ time before taking any action. This time is invaluable for creating a good plan and identifying potential pain-points and risks, enabling you to reduce their impact before they materialise
  2. Set up a Business Continuity Plan before you need one! It is inevitable that disruptions occur, but having a continuity plan will support you to keep the essential functions up and running with as little disaster as possible
  3. Don’t just bounce back from falls, learn to grow from them. Actively look at ways you can incorporate ‘antifragility’ into your systems and processes to enable the business to not simply stay the same, but consistently improve with each challenge.

To find out more about Sam, Tom and Dot see below:

Click here for all the photos of the event.

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